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This is the new year farmers like you have been waiting for. Additionally, It is also a great opportunity because the planting season for the long rains is here. Because, we are set for the planting encounter more than ever before.

Therefore, Greenliving Plus is proud to introduce to farmers the best selling organic fertilizer in Kenya. Greenworld Nutriplant Organic Plus Fertilizer. Good for vegetables,flowers, rice, fruits and rubber trees, farm crops, seed coating, etc.

Furthermore, It promotes rapid growths in plant, promote high yield. It constrain the occurrence of diseases and boost the immunity of plants because of its flexible nature. It reduces damage caused by disease and make roots complete and stronger due to its rich nitrogen content.

Nevertheless, this outstanding product has been used in East Africa for the past eight (8) years due to proven good results. This product is rather trusted in contrast to its competitors.

A scientific depiction comparing and contrasting traditional fertilizers and the organic fertilizer effects.

Necessity of Applying Green World Nutriplant Plus Fertilizer;

8 current emerging trends in farming business include;

  1. Over farming
  2. Intensification
  3. Excessive use of chemicals
  4. Limited use of organic fertilizer
  5. High chemical residue in food
  6. Insufficient nutrients in food
  7. Malnutrition
  8. Food toxicity

Four (4) Features

  1. Improves soil micro-environment, control plant diseases and insect pests
  2. Reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer & pesticide application by 50%
  3. Boosts yield by 30%, improved product quality
  4. Non-poisonous/ Non Toxic
A shovel dug in the soil. Photo Courtesy

Seven (7) Benefits

  1. First of all, Promotes the rapid growth of plant roots, stems and leaves
  2. Promotes high yield
  3. Also, improves the quality and flavor of the harvestable parts of crops significantly
  4. Enhances the drought resistance, infertility resistance, diseases and insect pests’ and more so resistance of plants
  5. Helps the seeds germinate faster and stronger
  6. Improves soil structure and enhances bioactivity of the soil even to the most unproductive land
  7. Finally, inhibits growth of fungi hence promoted conservation agriculture.
A smallholder farmer watering his crops. Photo credits:

Good for;

  1. Farm Crops
  2. Vegetables
  3. Rubber Trees
  4. Fruits
  5. Rice
  6. Rubber Trees



Mix 15ml with 20 liters of water. 1 liter with 4000 liters of water. Agitate and gently spray on the leaf and stem of plants. What’s more, 10 days’ interval, 3 times before harvest.


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Furthermore, we also has the capacity to do major contractual deliveries as well as free farm consultation as an after-sale service.

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