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Natural & Nutritional Supplements for Treating Angina.

What is ANGINA?

Angina, or angina pectoris, is the medical term used to describe the temporary chest discomfort that occurs when the heart is not getting enough blood.

  1. Angina is caused due to narrowing of the coronary arteries – the vessels that supply the heart with blood, because these arteries become clogged up with fatty deposits (atherosclerosis) leading to coronary heart disease.
  2. Heart valve disease
  3. Anaemia (a reduced amount of red blood cells in your blood)
  4. Abnormal heart rhythms
  5. Disease of the heart muscle
  6. Spasm or cramping of coronary arteries
Who gets Angina?

Recently, In the recent years Coronary heart disease (causing angina) has increased significantly in Kenya. However more and more kenyans seek nutritional supplements as natural remedies for angina.

Additionally, Coronary heart disease, which is the main cause of angina, is more common in men than women. The likelihood of getting it increases as you get older.

Furthermore, you are also more prone to getting coronary artery disease if you;

  1. Have a high blood cholesterol level
  2. Have a high blood pressure
  3. Have diabetes
  4. Do little physical exercise
  5. Smoke
Supplements for Angina treatment are:
  1. Cardio Powder (2*2*30 capsules)

2. Deep Sea Fish Oil (2*2*100 capsules)

Deep sea fish oil is a product with outstanding capabilities. It helps in the maintenance, protection, repair and improvement in function of vital organs and tissues in the body.

3. Garlic Oil (2*2*60 capsules)

People with metabolic disease such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood cholesterol

4. Chitosan Capsules (2*2*60 capsules)

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