About Us

Greenliving Plus® has been providing customers with cutting edge vitamins, weight loss, supplements and natural health products since 2017.

We are committed to providing our customers with the latest and safest chinese herbal products available on the market. We’re cutting edge; always offering innovative products for our customers who see exemplary results.

The idea of Greenliving Plus® started in 2017 when founder, Steve Ogut had the idea of starting an online store where people could find, review and purchase their favorite vitamins, supplements and weight loss supplements.

A website was registered in January 2017 and www.greenlivingplus.co.ke went live in March of 2017. Greenliving Plus family believes in alternative medicine and the power of nature to provide us with “gifts” of cures to diverse ailments.

Our Ethos

To provide everyone with an easy, affordable way to help improve their lifestyle, weight loss & fitness goals with the very best in quality ingredients.

Our Word
Offering the best value in the world for natural products.
In business since 2017, Greenliving Plus® runs from multiple distribution centers in the East Africa.

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