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4 Easy Ways to Help Your Children Grow Strong Healthy Bones.

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing yet tasking assignment you will ever have to handle. As your children rapidly grow up, you increasingly become more concern about their welfare. Don’t mention when their “active” age bracket kicks in. Kids run around, climb high rocks and trees, knock each other down and do all manner of horrific stuff out there with their friends.

Why you should care.

Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you cannot control your kid from becoming too active. That is just about how natural it is. However the good news is that you can undertake some important measures to help better prepare them when growing up. These measures include their nutrition, eating habits and general well-being.

Eating highly nutritive food, along with lots of dairy and healthy fats, not only will turn their bone density around, but also their running performance. These are 4 easy way you can help your children grown strong healthy bones.

1. Highly-engaging exercises

Highly-engaging exercises include jumping, dancing and running. These can help build strong bones. The impact allows bones to build bone tissue, and the muscles built from exercise tug against the bone, making them stronger! Sports involving jumping in them, e.g. volleyball and basketball, are great ways to build strong bones while having fun.

2. Calcium-rich diets

With foods like milk, yogurt and dark leafy greens, can help your bones get and stay strong. The calcium that we eat is stored in our blood cells, and we need it for our muscles, nerves impulses and our bones. If our bodies do not get enough calcium they will take it from our bones, making them weaker. Lots of foods have calcium in them, so be sure you and your kids are getting at least 1400 mg a day!

3. Avoiding soft drinks and highly processed foods

This is important for our bones. Soda can actually strip our bones from absorbing the nutrients they need. Also, when we drink soda we are replacing good liquids (like milk and calcium-rich­ juices) that can help our bones with non-nutritive drinks (like soda) that are bad for children bodies and bones. The same goes for highly processed foods. When foods are processed, they are robbed of their nutrients, and without nutrients our bones will be robbed as well. Eating a baked potato instead of potato chips is an example of choosing a whole food instead of a processed version of it.

4. Including diet lots of “good fats” 

(avocados, nuts, etc.) help us absorb our nutrients and give us long-lasting energy. Without proper absorption our bones cannot use the calcium we eat, and without enough energy our body will not be able to build and keep strong bones. Along with healthy fats we also need vitamin D. Vitamin D is what lets our body use the calcium we eat to build strong bones. Vitamin D is added to many foods like milk and orange juice but you can also get it from being in the sun! Getting enough sunlight a day is recommended for kids.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the many facts that every parent or guardian should know about helping children develop healthy bones. Furthermore, what age is better to grow strong bones for a lifetime than when they are young?

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